iBNB Digest
Headline: Grand Spectacles.

Ladies and gentlemen, as usual, we bring you grand spectacles.

In the upcoming time, we will continue the story of iBNB with a series of grand events that will shape the course of iBNB, nBNB and the future of our network.
iBNB has grown into a name in an of itself. We are proud of where we have come and where the community has come.
We see leaders of all sorts within the community taking initiative and driving forward the project.
We are relentless in innovation, we are unmatched in community engagement and as many have seen, we are shaping the cryptocurrency scene simply with our presence.
We created new markets and new ways of doing, people are watching and mark my words, they will copy us, because they will follow the leaders.
I assure you, with the consistent innovation we bring, we will remain leaders.
As we are proving, we are making the unthinkable, possible.
We are very happy to announce:

Codename EEE.


Throughout the day, the nBNB network in collaboration with BSFM, will be giving away 500,000 BSFM. When it reaches a dollar, it will be worth $500,000.