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iBNB Grand (13-08-2021)
The first iBNB Grand Announcement

Financial Knowledge

As usual, iBNB starts our announcements with a bit of financial knowledge, this time, it's wisdom, and who better than our friend: Warren Buffet.
.. while in the process of breaking the dam to open the floodgates of BNBs to our reward pool.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Here are the updates of today.
Our team has been working hard on an important step for iBNB and the nBNB network
We would like to introduce everyone to:

iBNB Grand

iBNB Grand is the next iteration of iBNB that will expand the project and the network with systems and functionality to support a large number of partnerships and facilitate our investors with financial tools to make intelligent investments

Latest on BitMart

As of now, in support of a new system, iBNB and BitMart have decided to focus on integrating the new and upgraded system as opposed to proceeding with the current one in favor of future expansion.

What’s next?

BabySafeMoon, The Team, iBNB Grand, BitMart, Partnerships, Exchange #2.
There has been so much going on and we have so much to say, but in favor of time, we will mention the following:
The biggest important upcoming priority #1 is BabySafeMoon.
Together with the BSFM core team and additional support in leadership, we have setup a pipeline in favor of a high standard in conveying the project’s transparency, honesty, and a high integrity.
We have successfully tested the contract and are in the process of finalizing:
  1. 1.
    BSFM audit (TechRate)
  2. 2.
    Anti-Rug Community Check
  3. 3.
    Procedures to counter bots at launch.
To read more about the relaunch of BSFM, please visit the BSFM telegram.

The Team: Backup has arrived!

We have interviewed and we have experienced, in the upcoming week and the will progressively start to introduce the iBNB community to new additions in our core and extended team.


Protocols are in place, criteria’s defined, and pipelines installed. By doing so we will have developed a entirely unique integration of tokens found nowhere else in the crypto-scene.

What's Next?

There is much more to tell, but the proof will be in the pudding.
On iBNB Grand, the grand reveal will be on August 20, 2021