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Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening wherever you are in this world.

I am honoured to be writing this in the position I am with the confidence you have put in our team so far, and the confidence you have in our actions and our vision.
We have interesting news for everyone.
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Let's write the history books.
The iBNB Digest
BitMart Proceedings
Appreciation to Our Mods
Baby Safemoon
From today onwards, all daily announcements will be placed here in Gitbook for everyone to read and read again if they please. By doing so, we keep things organized, have better formatting possibilities, and can review and update sections within this Gitbook which we will from here-on call The iBNB Digest. As we are rapidly growing and evolving, we need a place to store information, and keep it organized for new investors that are coming. That will be the purpose of this Gitbook. You can export each page as PDF.
29 July: Listing & Deposits, 30 July: Trading, 31 July: Withdraws.
BitMart is finalising their marketing campaign on which we will collaborate on and finalise today.
On 29 July: Deposits will start.
On 30 July: Trading will start.
On 31 July: Withdraws will start. There are many activities that going on behind the scenes which I can’t talk about right now but which will be good for everyone. Here is a link to their announcement: https://support.bmx.fund/hc/en-us/articles/4404229279387 Stay tuned!
As a show of appreciation to our mods, we will be giving the mods 0.5 trillion iBNB tokens each. Without them, we would not be where we are today. A big round of applause to them and the hard work they have been putting in for 2 projects now. They deserve this reward. Congratulations!
The first token on the nBNB network.
With Baby Safemoon pre-sale starting tomorrow, we are very excited to get everyone onboard the rocket-ship! One of the primary goals for Baby Safemoon is to reach $1. Again, this is very achievable, and when we do, we will have a market capitalization of $100,000,000. Anywhere we go from there is upto the community. Baby Safemoon has a great team of strong captains, and at this point, our beloved moderators are also jumping in to provide the team support. Join the telegram group for the latest updates! https://t.me/officialBabysafemoon
Team Supply
Claim Pools
iBNB Merch
Do you have questions?
As everyone knows, we had to make a bold move to finance our first big exchange listing. It took about 90% of all our team wallets (marketing and dev wallets). Regardless, we strongly believe that this was the best choice for iBNB and our investors.
Thanks to our donations (really any less donations and we couldn't have done it!), we were able to exactly complete the financing for BitMart. 1 BNB less, and we would not have been able to do it.
Thank you donators! We will go through all the transaction hashes soon and provide you with the prizes you deserve!
As a very pleasant surprise, we noticed that some supply in a wallet that we thought was burned might be accessible.
When we launched iBNB, we had pre-sale supply which we thought was locked and burned for good.
An old friend provided us with great help, he did some proper magic, and we crossed our fingers that it was going to work.
Thanks to this, we have retrieved 119 trillion iBNB tokens. This will now be used to further develop iBNB, marketing, and more!
It's development claim time.
Since we now have a team wallet, we will also make claims. Because we don't want to deplete the pool quickly, we will setup a special claim pool from which we will make claims from. This will be a smaller portion of tokens specifically dedicated towards claiming.
This Gitbook will build more information over time on nBNB for those that are interested. Along time, we will update this Gitbook with a full description and additional information for investors to become more acquainted with nBNB. You may find that in the panel on the left side, or follow the link below: Introduction
Thanks to the t-shirt design competition, our contributors, and one of our great mods, we will be getting merch.
Spoiler alert, they are awesome.
Here are a few previews:
Credits: Paul
Credits: Paul
There are many more, and more to be shown, with purchase links. All in due time.
We like questions. For questions, please add them to the community board and upvote other questions. If you have a question, the chance is high that another person has it aswell. The core team will not be answering questions in the Telegram main chat, only on the community board. We will see which questions are most upvoted, and answer them first. Here is the link to the community board, there is a section on questions, add your questions there. If you see a question you also like, upvote it so it has more visibility. As we are working on alot behind the scenes, we simply cannot spend hours answering questions in main chat, because then we don't have progress, but, we can answer questions that many people have (by highest votes), and we will answer the best way we can. That way all important questions are quickly answered and organized in one space, making a FAQ by itself.