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Headlines: BitMart, BNB Pool, CMC Top Gainer, New Dev in Trial Period.

Financial Knowledge

Below is a table showing the difference between your ROI when you claim and collect and when you reinvest based on 3.0% ROI and $300 per BNB.
One day
One week
One month
Three months

Main Section

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening wherever you are in this world
It's a new day with more news for our investors.
Let's get straight to it.
Baby Safemoon
BNB Pool
Reinvest Button
The iBNB Bank
CMC Top Gainers

Bitmart Trading

Due to the BSC congestion, trading of iBNB has been temporarily delayed on BitMart.
This is only a temporary situation, and it provided us with the chance to support BitMart with extra measures of automated systems and liquidity such that the keen investors are able to trade at ease when its time to trade. Every down-side has an up-side, and we will use this time and situation to our advantage by improving support mechanisms and targeted marketing.
As soon as new information is released, you will be the first to know.

BitMart Marketing

BitMart has released articles to 47 international media channels so far. If you’re interested in reading, please follow the link below:
The BSC network is heavily congested. After reading up on the latest news, it seems like millions of NFTs and transactions are what is possibly causing this disturbance. We hope that the BSC will have these issues resolved soon so that we can continue to make transactions easily.
Due to this, the launch of Baby Safemoon has not yet reached the caps to launch.
Throughout the past day, the Baby Safemoon team has been re-strategizing to refuel and successfully launch the token. We are confident in their ability to do so, and will be closely working with them to support their launch to the moon. A successful launch will happen. To the moon! ($1)
BNB Pool in the last 5 days
Our market burst the past 24 hours has had a healthy impact on the reward pool. As the graph here shows, we’ve doubled our BNB pool in under 24 hours. With the updates to come, BitMart up and running, Baby Safemoon relaunched, and more tokens on the network, we will continue to monitor the pool with hourly data and expect these numbers to grow quickly as a result, and our investors will receive the rewards (dividends) they have been waiting for.
Again, we are the highest rewarding crypto in the cryptocurrency space, and it’s only up from here.
Simplied Reinvest v.0.1
The reinvest button has now been upgraded with an iBNB branded sound. This means that when you claim, a counter will start for 30 minutes after which you will receive a notification (iBNB sound) to inform you that it’s a good time to reinvest. For simplicity, we made a few simple edits to the dashboard.
As we are exploring future possibilities, approaching more exchanges, and increasing volume within different centralized and decentralized areas. We’ve arrived at a new concept: The iBNB Bank.
The iBNB Bank is a concept put into development as of yesterday that will act as an independent holding (wallet) for funds directed from different exchanges and nBNB transactions. As we expect transaction fees from many different sources, a central holding will be beneficial for both iBNB and investors.
More on this soon. 🏦
As of today, we've reached number 15 on the top gainers list on CoinMarketCap (24h). With BitMart imminent, Baby Safemoon launching, and updates/exchanges on their way, we expect these numbers to drastically increase.
New Team Member in Trial
Potential Partnerships
iBNB Merch
Do you have questions?
This morning, a new developer who is very keen to join our team has started his trial period. If he is successful in both team communication and delivering the trial task, he will be welcomed onboard and invited into our community. Furthermore, if he successfully completes his task. Everyone here will be receiving pocket notifications when it’s claim time 😉.
At this point, we are in talks with a number of external parties to support us in vetting, auditing, and verifying new nBNB projects and their teams. We’re in early stages, and you will receive more info on this soon, but these are the measures we want to take to assure that all nBNB additions are the highest quality for the value delivered to our investors.
Thanks to the t-shirt design competition, our contributors, and one of our great mods, we will be getting merch.
Spoiler alert, they are awesome.
Here are a few previews:
Credits: Paul
Credits: Paul
There are many more, and more to be shown, with purchase links. All in due time.
We like questions. For questions, please add them to the community board and upvote other questions. If you have a question, the chance is high that another person has it as well. The core team will not be answering questions in the Telegram main chat, only on the community board. We will see which questions are most upvoted, and answer them first. Here is the link to the community board, there is a section on questions, add your questions there. If you see a question you also like, upvote it so it has more visibility. As we are working on alot behind the scenes, we simply cannot spend hours answering questions in main chat, because then we don't have progress, but, we can answer questions that many people have (by highest votes), and we will answer the best way we can. That way all important questions are quickly answered and organized in one space, making a FAQ by itself.
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