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Headlines: Baby Safemoon, BitMart, Reinvest Button, Reward Pool.

Financial Knowledge

The purpose of iBNB is to improve the financial literacy of our investors, however we can. Because we love finance, we leave daily financial knowledge for our investors to learn more about finance. The Rule of 72 is a simple way to determine how long an investment will take to double given a fixed rate of interest. By dividing 72 by the rate of return, investors obtain a rough estimate of how long it will take for the initial investment to duplicate itself.
Let's take an iBNB example, the Rule of 72 states that $1000 reinvested at 3% would take 24 days ((72/3) = 24) to double and grow to $2000.
In reality, a 3% investment will take 23.45 days to double (1.03^23.45 = 2), but it's a very close approximation.
The Rule of 72 is a simple to use formula that estimates the amount of time it takes for an investment to double in value.

Main Section

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening wherever you are in this world
We have new and exciting news for iBNB investors.
Let's get straight to it.
Baby Safemoon
BNB Pool
Reinvest Button


New tokenomics.

New mechanics.

And new roadmaps to space.

In collaboration with iBNB, the Baby Safemoon team has relentlessly worked to completely upgrade and revolutionise the project.
Combining Baby Safemoon spirit and iBNB engineering, the project now has a brand new revolutionary mechanic: Cruise Control (Dynamic Tax Protocol V2).
Apart from this, in favor of the investors, the team has decided to increase reflections from 2.5% to 7.5%. While maintaining very healthy tokenomics.
There is much more, and complete details can be read in the whitepaper.
It’s going to be an amazing ride, and you’re gonna love it. Nothing like this has ever been done before.
The team expects to release the updated whitepaper later on today.

Launch is scheduled for Monday 🚀.

To the moon! ($1)

Bitmart Trading

With BitMart delaying trading functionality, many eager investors are asking questions. BitMart is currently at full-force working to get trading up and running. Rest assured, they are doing everything they can, it will happen, and it will happen soon.

iBNB-BitMart Event

In the upcoming days, we have planned and prepared a big event for current investors and new investors. This will be announced by both BitMart and iBNB. It is expected to attract MANY investors from all around the world. Stay tuned!

BitMart iBNB Marketing

BitMart has released articles to 47 international media channels so far. If you’re interested in reading, please follow the link below:
BNB Pool the past 5 days.
Thanks to many new investors and investments, our BNB pool has almost tripled in the past 2 days. This means more BNB in the BNB pool, and more daily rewards (dividends) for our investors.
We are the highest rewarding crypto in the cryptocurrency space, and with new tokens and exchanges ahead, there is only one way to go, UP.
Simplied Reinvest v.0.1
The reinvest button has officially gone into a beta testing environment for our investors to test. If you are interested in trying out the new reinvest functionality on the dashboard, please join the Community Suggestions Telegram Group and follow the shared beta environment link.
Important to note, if you find problems, issues, et cetera. Please leave this information in a card in The Community Board on Trello. At this point, functionality has been tested, and your rewards are not at risk by using or testing the reinvest functionality, however, it could happen that some information related to time-zones or otherwise is not properly shown. Again, if you encounter these problems, please leave a card in the community board with a screenshot and a description
In the beta release, when you make a claim, an iBNB sound will be played (tested on desktop), which activates a green reinvest button. You may press this at any time after claiming. However, to maximise your reinvestment for the highest rewards, please delay pressing the button by 30 minutes to an hour. It will reinvest 90% of your claimed BNB, and you can claim the maximum rewards when you leave cooldown the next day.
In the future, this process will be guided, and the reinvestment button will only appear 30 minutes after claiming. Also, if you have suggestions, feel free to leave them in the community board or discuss them in the community suggestions Telegram group.
iBNB Merch
Do you have questions?
Thanks to the t-shirt design competition, our contributors, and one of our great mods, we will be getting merch.
Spoiler alert, they are awesome.
Here are a few previews:
Credits: Paul
Credits: Paul
There are many more, and more to be shown, with purchase links. All in due time.
We like questions. For questions, please add them to the community board and upvote other questions. If you have a question, the chance is high that another person has it as well. The core team will not be answering questions in the Telegram main chat, only on the community board. We will see which questions are most upvoted, and answer them first. Here is the link to the community board, there is a section on questions, add your questions there. If you see a question you also like, upvote it so it has more visibility. As we are working on alot behind the scenes, we simply cannot spend hours answering questions in main chat, because then we don't have progress, but, we can answer questions that many people have (by highest votes), and we will answer the best way we can. That way all important questions are quickly answered and organized in one space, making a FAQ by itself.